Organic Juice

16 oz cups

Juice Bar closes an hour before the store**

Big Red


orange, beet, carrot, ginger

Green Monster

cucumber, green apple, celery, spinach, kale, lemon, ginger

ginger, carrot, turmeric, grapefruit

Tropical Beet

beet, pear, orange, lime, mint, tarragon


orange, carrot, ginger, coconut water, turmeric

Watermelon Mojito

watermelon, red apple, spinach, lime, mint

The Heart Beet

carrot, lemon, ginger, apple, beet, coconut water

Grapefruit Liver Cleanse

watermelon, pineapple, carrot, lemon, grapefruit, beet

Pump it Up

apple, cucumber, pear, carrot, protein powder

Clean Green

cucumber, cilantro, lime, pear, spinach

Sweet Harvest

almond milk, pear, sweet potato, cinnamon

The Gatherer

beet, kale, carrot, apple, ginger

Cold Pressed Juice

*16 oz pre-bottled

Green Monster

cucumber, green apple, kale, spinach, celery, ginger, lemon

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